Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pinterest recipes: kidney bean burgers

I have a collection of bean burger recipes on Pinterest, and this is the second I've made. These were really good. 

I had all the ingredients on hand, even the pecans; doubled the recipe and got eleven burgers. Lots of flavor, and if you don't like curry and you leave it out, it wouldn't matter. I like the idea of bean burgers and am starting to get the idea you can put anything in them. I served these with roasted beets.

A customer of my brother's gave him some wonderful vegetables from their garden: a butternut and a spaghetti squash, bulb of garlic, a yellow and a red onion, an eggplant, small pumpkin and two large beets - one red and one of those Italian kind with the red and white rings. 

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  1. We eat bean burgers all the time. Kidney are my favorite. I've never made one with pecans though! And what nice gift of garden fresh bounty! Those beets are quite beautiful.