Wednesday, August 27, 2014

warm, breezy and relaxing

In an August which has been amazingly comfortable, we've come back to hot and humid summer for a few days.  And Eileen and Nancy came over.

We had the cheesy olive bread, tuna rye wraps, refrigerator pickles, peach sweet tea and chocolate frozen yogurt*. Under a shady tree we sat and lunched the whole afternoon. And after a morning with no air stirring, an accomodating breeze kept things pleasant almost the whole time. Ahhh, this is what summer is for!

*(I used Rose's recipe here, with a few alterations.)


  1. what a blessing! I must look up that chocolate recipe... yum!

    1. Elizabeth, I used half the amount of cocoa - which was plenty - and quite a bit more sugar, because the greek yogurt was nice and tart. Otherwise, it was pretty much as Rose made it.

  2. What a lovely way to enjoy the warm weather, there really should be lots more of this in our lives, I think it is something to be mindful of getting organised with friends, so when the days are warm it can be spent in relaxing good company....bliss
    Next time you could even do a backyard picnic, with a quilt or rug and piles and piles of pillows and cushions, what fun.

  3. Margaret, we had a nice, small table for the three of us, but I threw a quilt on the ground for Dolly - she was also invited. :) On other days, I've used the quilt alongside Dolly - very enjoyable!

  4. Replies
    1. It was very, very pleasant. Nancy kept saying, "when we're old, we'll say, 'Remember that lovely summer day?'" But I kept saying that we should do it more often!