Friday, May 23, 2014


Today, among the book donations that regularly appear at the library, was a small book of poems by Thomas Hardy. I took it.

This evening, a thunderstorm with driving rain has been taking its time about leaving.

On the Doorstep
     by Thomas Hardy

The rain imprinted the step's wet shine
With target-circles that quivered and crossed
As I was leaving this porch of mine;
When from within there swelled and paused
               A song's sweet note;
       And back I turned, and thought,
                'Here I'll abide.'

The step shines wet beneath the rain,
Which prints its circles as heretofore;
I watch them from the porch again,
But no song-notes within the door
               Now call to me
        To shun the dripping lea;
                And forth I stride.

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