Thursday, May 29, 2014

FM Dolly

When I headed for the bathroom this morning, my radio was on AM - when I came back, it was on FM.


  1. Ah yes, little princess CoCo has been known to mess with the tv remote, with surprising results !!! sometimes it takes a while to remedy a random jump.
    Just another thought on the strange water bowl tricks, cats prefer ceramic, crockery glass or metal drinking bowls to plastic, something to do with taste preference.
    CoCo chooses to drink from the huge Pottery fish bowl out on the deck......there's flavour preference for you.

  2. Yes, their bowls are ceramic - I am clueless as to what it can be. But thanks for trying!

    A fish bowl would be nicer to drink out of, I'm sure! :D

  3. My heart just smiled so big seeing Dolly!