Friday, April 18, 2014


     "We often feel oppressed, exhausted, frustrated by something vague about our trials. The Lord urges us to give our troubles a name, list them, and then learn how to face them with him. For it is a basic element in human and Christian wisdom that we should understand the usefulness of trials and weather them faithfully.
      In addition, the more we love, and the more we serve and make ourselves available, the greater these trials are.
      If, on the other hand, we lock ourselves up in our own little world, if we become misanthropes, if we do not emerge from our self-centeredness, we shall experience only the trial of personal frustration."

                              -    Perseverance in Trials: Reflections on Job   by Carlo Maria Martini


  1. Ah, what a perceptive quote!

  2. what a timely and good quotation. thank you.

  3. Very true. Knowing what we are up against, putting it into words, makes it easier to face. Wish you and your brother a very happy and blessed Easter. Pam x