Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scotch Broth, homemade

If you are middle-aged, you may remember this:

We sometimes had it when I was a kid - my mother always liked lamb. She was quite a good cook but when it came to lunches, it was often Campbell's to the rescue.

When I was looking for lamb chops at the supermarket before Easter there wasn't lots of it, so I picked up some shoulder"stew" meat, just in case. Well, we didn't need it for the holiday but I've got lots of barley and I suddenly thought of Scotch Broth yesterday. I found an old Gourmet recipe on the Epicurious website - basically the lamb, the barley, a bay leaf, some chicken broth - I could see what I had to do. I par-cooked the meat to avoid so much grease in the soup. Then cut it up, along with a chopped onion, several stalks of celery and some carrots, a bay leaf, some other herbs, lots of water and some beef and chicken cubes - whatever seemed good. Later, I poured in some of the now degreased lamb cooking juices and simmered it a good long while.
A bit of salt, and - so good!!

Made some rolls, too.


  1. I remember the Scotch broth! Your's sounds delicious!

    1. It really was good, Anne - and very simple.