Friday, March 21, 2014

the old man's birthday

Emily has reminded me that today is the birthday anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach.

I tend to think of him as "the old man" because there are so many other well-known Bachs - his sons.

He apparently dedicated all his music to the glory of God. I think he must have been a happy Christian, because even in the St. Matthew Passion, there are no melancholy passages; perhaps he was incapable of it!

Listen to this piece sung by the wonderful Thomas Quasthoff, Mache dich, mein Herze, rein. A most lovely, lilting melody. Beautiful!

 The translation:

Make thyself, my heart, now pure,
I myself would Jesus bury.
For he shall henceforth in me
More and more
Find in sweet repose his dwelling.
World, depart, let Jesus in!

Happy Birthday, old man!  I'm sure he is very happy where he is.


  1. JS Bach is popular here Lisa. Grace is entertaining me right now with his Praeludium I on the piano and often has to play his pieces on the violin. Me, I'm more of a Vivaldi kind of girl.

  2. Ah, Vivaldi - you like an edge to your music!