Tuesday, March 25, 2014

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

There isn't much flat space here for laying sweaters to dry, so I use the ironing board.

Somebody discovered it.

My new Anthropologie sweater -

a cat bed.


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    1. Thankfully it was almost dry, and it doesn't contain a lot of wool. I don't know if it would squish with a warm body on a wet wool sweater.

  2. Yep, that's what Cleo would do too... just loves being on top of fabric!

  3. our cats love to claim whatever has been newly put out...be it a pile of books, a new clean table cloth, a box, a basket...can't say they ever have seen my ironing board out (hahhaha) Funny, but kind of true. It was out for a few minutes today, as I realized my 17 Ethiopian daughter has never used an iron before (she's been here 4 years now!)

    She went on a mission trip to NYC this past weekend with our church (to work with the homeless- and attend Brooklyn Tabernacle on Sunday)...I digress. She wanted to know what to do with her button down after the dryer. I explained the miracle of an iron and spray starch...the whole while explaining how some people use it a LOT more than me. She carefully listened and then ironed her one shirt. We talked about what could be ironed and what you have to be careful with. We discussed how to save money (by doing it yourself or by just quickly taking your things out of the dryer and hand pressing). Anyway, the cats never showed up during the few minutes that poor iron board emerged into the daylight. Either that or they dislike the thought of ironing as much as me.

    Your sweet kitty probably helped your sweater to dry faster!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  4. Hahahaha! My Willow always seeks out clean laundry for her naps.

  5. Oohhhh yes, every piece of fabric for quilt blocks and every item of knitting, all have to be sat on or laid on to have the stamp of approvel from Miss Coco. The scolding and complaining when I came home from a week and a half away had to be heard to be believed !!!!! she was fed and petted by a friend while I was away, but that was clearly not good enough.
    I did have a lovely parcel to open when I returned......beautiful cosy, soft, warm delicious hand warmers........thank you so much.
    Now I wonder if there might be a surprise heading back your way ???