Monday, March 24, 2014

a handy edge

With this never-ending cold weather I figured I had time to squeeze in another winter skirt from a brown velveteen that needed to be used up.  And I found another use for that scalloped edging.

When I cut a waistband, I try to cut one long end along a selvage; because it's already finished, I can use it on the inside so it doesn't have to be turned under. Especially with heavier fabric it prevents a thickness at the waist. But I didn't have a long selvage with this, so I thought I'd try this finish with it. When I hand-stitched it, I made sure to catch it above the edging. It should hold, and I'm going to use it also for the hem like I did on my velvet skirt. I may never hem again!


  1. nice! :) love it when we find things that work for us! yay for work-arounds!

  2. I really love that scalloped edging--so pretty!

  3. That's smart. I like the scallop stitch.