Saturday, January 25, 2014

robins in winter

I'm going to have to call the Audubon Society, I think. Who else?

A week ago I looked out the back door and saw a robin right there. Over the past few years I've heard some say that some robins stay around all winter; but I never saw any. Today there were three together in a backyard tree.

Here are two of them; I couldn't get them all in the picture without them looking like dots. 

My brother says he's heard that there are black-headed ones who stay - they are Canadian robins. 
Well, these don't have black heads.

I hope they have something to eat - robins don't eat sunflower seeds, which is what's in our feeder. They like bugs and worms. But this guy looks pretty plump, doesn't he? 

I know the mockingbird used to be a southern bird, but now they stay up here all the time. I suppose robins could do the same. 


  1. Well he is very sweet whether he is supposed to be around or not. I love seeing the different wildlife.

  2. I bet Anna's son would know. It would be nice if you could send your questions to him. I love the flash of red in the otherwise grey tones.

  3. Several were here yesterday too, Lisa. So I believe Melissa wa right about what she saw. I usually only see one or two per winter - but many this year. I only wish the hawk wasn't sitting in the next tree watching them.

  4. Agway sells bags of dried mealworms. I can't summon up enough courage to buy a bag :-)
    As for the Audubon Society, I've not found them to be very helpful or encouraging. I'll get some initial animated excitement and then be told "let nature take its course", which you know to me is a big let down.

  5. What a sweet chubby thing he is!

  6. A few weeks back I noticed that there were so many that stayed behind. Our neighborhood was filled with a flock. I wondered what it was they were finding for food...but I know the one who watches over them, and He certainly can direct them to the food they need to fill their obvious fat little bellies until spring arrives.

    And by the looks of it, yours are listening very well, to His still small voice.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

    1. Yes, I'm thinking that if they really are beginning to stay here all year, it must be comfortable for them to do so.

  7. We've had robins in our backyard, too, this winter, usually small flocks of 6-8 birds. I feel sorry for them because they look so cold! While robins don't eat seed, they do eat berries and fruit, as well as grubs and bugs and such.