Thursday, January 23, 2014

a "remarkable episode" in cat observation

"Seaweed is an interesting person, competent, sure of himself...His own house is across the road and up a short distance, but he can be seen as soon as he appears around the bushes...he reminds me of a bank president on the way to a conference. His markings are somewhat like a patchwork quilt, but his dignity is Fifth Avenue.

The incident that established Seaweed on our special list was the day last week when he took his usual route home, skipped across the road because a car went by, crossed the back yard, planted his stocky body at the glass door and was let in. Whereupon he marched to the hall, went down the cellar stairs and used the litter box. Then he came back upstairs and went back out.

I consider this one of the most remarkable episodes in my cat observations...How was he so sure just where that litter box was, since he had obviously never spent a night in this house?..And, practically speaking, why did he travel so far without stopping on the lawn, since he is an outdoor cat much of the time?

In the end I decided any normal, ordinary cat can keep any human being in a state of frustration."

                                          -   Gladys Taber,   Conversations with Amber


  1. Our two kittens, were supposed to be outdoor cats. When I got a litter box because we were having an ice storm, they set right to using it and when I set it outside they kept on using it - strange, but I suppose they prefer it much like we prefer an indoor restroom to an outhouse, haha!

  2. That is pretty funny - it's a neater arrangement, I suppose.

  3. That is pretty funny. Isla likes to use other cats' litter boxes, too -- mainly to annoy them, I suspect.:)