Monday, November 4, 2013

easy November dinner

I have a memory from years ago, coming home from work with a nauseous headache, and my mother had made a sauerkraut dish for supper. It was just what I needed to settle my stomach - a real blessing.

Sauerkraut is just right for cold November days, isn't it?  And this recipe is pretty quick.

I used a whole kielbasa - I wanted a higher meat-to-sauerkraut ratio - and added some water left from steaming the carrots we had with it to make it a bit more juicy, and then just a dash of powdered savory. I buy a locally made sausage, cut it in chunks and boil it ten minutes beforehand to get some of the fat out, but it was still a very fast and satisfying meal.


  1. What a great dinner idea, we love kraut and kielbasa! I love to buy the kraut from Bubbies, it has active enzymes and truly does settle the stomach!

  2. That does look so yummy!! We love Bubbies too :)

  3. This sounds like pure comfort food!