Saturday, November 2, 2013

cat eats webs, and leaves

I haven't joined Leila in a long time, but today I am.


My {happy} was the Red Sox winning the World Series. However, no one was there to photograph me (quietly) jumping up and down in my stocking feet.

{funny} and {real} 

Even though typical of cats, it was funny to see Henry jump into the cupboard after I'd emptied it to clean. The real part is that Henry, who thinks only of food and can sometimes be seen eating cobwebs (is that pica?)  found something in there of interest.   Handsome is as handsome does, Henry.

round button chicken
thanks to Leila and Rosie


  1. My boys all went to the victory parade today in Boston! : )

    Oh, Henry! (you must say that a lot ; )

  2. Henry is so fluffy with his winter coat - too cute!