Saturday, October 19, 2013

drying things

The weather's supposed to take a cold turn in a few days, so today I was drying things. These sunflower heads will be for the birds, and there are more.  I picked the last of the basil and again dried it in the microwave. And some pita bread I tried to make the other day got turned into bread crumbs.


  1. It's amazing to me how much good can come at the end of things. I am endeavoring to become more frugal: saving seed heads, drying herbs, seeing new purpose in old things, etc. I like the way you do things. : )

  2. I always enjoyed drying sunflowers before we moved - I just have not got the knack of gardening here in Tx, but I keep trying!

  3. I've never tried to bake pita bread, though I am intrigued by the process.

    The birds will thank you for your thoughtfulness, and there is nothing like homegrown basil.