Monday, October 7, 2013

being prepared

It really does pay to plan ahead. I knew I wanted to wear my lighter weight linen dress to this early October wedding, but had no idea of what weather to expect. Looking online I found an archive of temperatures on that date, in that region, for the past five years - it ranged from sixty three down to forty seven. And that's daytime temps; nights are always cool in autumn. I bought a pretty wool shawl, I knitted wool hand warmers, I bought under-layers and even footless tights!

When packing time came I almost left the mitts home - it's been pretty nice around here and I was wondering if I'd been overdoing it. Saturday was a nice day, even when we checked in. But I ended up with my shawl over me the whole time, and even my mitts, because the reception area was partly open-air and it was overcast and kind of damp.

I'm glad I don't have to think about this anymore, but it seems that planning was a good thing.


  1. You were so wise to check the annual temps for the area; I'm not sure I would have thought of that! Lisa, that shawl and the mitts you knit are gorgeous together (I love that spice/persimmon color). So glad you stayed warm. ♥.

    1. Susan, I really wanted to wear that dress, but knew it might not be seasonal enough, so I figured out how to manage it. I think the site where I got the temp archives was weather underground.

  2. When there are outdoor events, it always pays to be prepared for cooler weather. At least, that is what we have found as we travel to my college Homecoming in the fall. We have never found ourselves too warm at that event!:-)

  3. That shawl is really pretty and goes perfect with your handwarmers!