Monday, August 19, 2013

sturdy, thrifted apron

Anna's actually the one who thrifted it - I bought it from her. It's nice and strong, homemade from a heavy ticking. I got the idea at the time that she didn't think anyone would like it. The name on the pocket captivated me. So, thank you, Anna!

and thank you, Rivka.


  1. Oh, I like that apron--and the name. Do you know that it is the Hebrew from of Rebecca?

    1. Yes, I did, and that's why I had to have it! I kept thinking of the biblical Rebecca.

  2. I'm sure such a sturdy apron has a story or two to tell if it could only speak.
    I've just been catching up(things have been busy here). The wedding pictures are lovely and oh those cats of yours. Delightful.