Friday, July 19, 2013

two weddings, and then another one

Three of my young cousins are getting married this year. Two of them are almost together, with one day in between!  But since they don't know each other - well, it's not like anybody can be blamed for bad planning.

Of course I don't own anything suitable for a wedding and I didn't come across a thing I liked in my shopping travels. So, with two months to plan, I told myself I had to sew something. I chose a design, found a suitable pattern and ordered some inexpensive fabric to sort of practice on. And then, guess what?  Just like folks start an adoption rolling, only to finally get pregnant after trying for years until they're sure it'll just never happen, I came across a dress I liked well enough to wear to a wedding.

I've discovered on Etsy a few Chinese seamstresses - or maybe I should say designers - who actually make clothing which appeals to me, or at least some of it does. So, I ordered a dress with great relief -  I still planned to sew something but the pressure was off me to have to produce something; I don't sew that great and working with a deadline isn't a very peaceful way to do things. (I've been known to sew a left sleeve on the right armhole, etc., even in the best of times.) So, I've been plodding along with that and it's almost done, except I've gone so slowly that the practice one will have to be "the one". But it fits, and now I have to make an underdress out of muslin to wear with it.

Meanwhile, the dress from China came, and I found nice shoes and earrings to wear with it. That's set! It's not pale like the photo, but more of an apricot, which suits me even better. So, that will be for the first of the two weddings which is an evening one. The other is on a Sunday morning with a brunch afterward, so if I can get the other dress done in time, I think it'll be more suitable for that.
But if I don't, I have a dress. And when those two weddings are done, it'll be time to figure out what to wear to the third, a fall wedding in Vermont.


  1. Please share a photo of the dress, I cannot wait to see it! I love going to weddings, how nice to have family ones to attend this year - even if very close together!

    1. It's nothing much, but I will. :)

  2. My daughter and I were talking last night about how much we hate shopping when we have to find something--like a dress to wear to a wedding. I have to fly to Florida next month for a dear friend's son's wedding. Ack, what to wear?

    Can't wait to see your dress. : )

  3. Good luck with the sewing! I find deadlines double-edged swords in sewing: they help me finish things, but sometimes they also lead to panicked sewing and mistakes and stuff...