Monday, July 8, 2013

make your own eye drops

I wear contact lenses - the rigid kind - and sometimes my eyes feel a little dry, but instead of buying wetting solution I just mix up some table salt in a glass of warm water and put it in an eye drop bottle.

Did you ever notice that your eye drop bottle is refillable? What I mean is, the piece in the top is removeable, and you can fill it up yourself. I suppose you could use it for anything that you wanted to measure by the drop.

I buy the cheapest eye drops I can find, open it up and dump all the contents down the sink. Then fill it up with salty water. When my eyes are feeling dry, I squirt some in. It's also helpful in the morning for rinsing out any gunky stuff.

I'm not sure soft lens wearers could do this. And if you have an eye condition, you should use whatever your doctor suggests. But for everyday dryness this works pretty well. 


  1. Very clever, I didn't know this - thanks Lisa!

  2. What ratio do you use?
    I do not wear lens, and my sisters wears the soft kind, but I'm wondering what the good ratio is... from the standpoint of a curious girl who learned about salt water and its medicinal uses in chemistry at Grammar School, and counts it among those lucky pieces of information from chemistry she still remembers. Those real-life things.
    Random fact: The man who invented soft contact lens was Czech!

    1. Well, Hana - it's very scientific. I throw a bit of salt in a drinking glass and add warm water, mix and stick my finger in. If I can taste salt, I'm okay. So, sometimes it's stronger than other times. May be a half teaspoon is good?