Thursday, July 11, 2013

back to the island

Yesterday I was back at the island where we'd picnicked two years ago. This time it was a small group from church going there for a day of recollection.

It was foggy at first.

I looked forward to seeing the mimosa tree again, but it wasn't blooming and had several dead branches - the work of Hurricane Sandy.

So, after a gracious welcome we had an hour-long conference with a bathroom break before Mass. Then lunch.  We'd been expecting sandwiches. Nope - Chicken Parmesan

with a small salad before, and jello and whipped cream after, served by a most cheerful staff.

A walk around the grounds before the afternoon conference

I can't imagine a more idyllic place - everyone kept saying it was like being in Heaven! 

In my wanderings I came upon a little herb and vegetable garden, and then noticed grape vines.

When I saw a woman tending a potted flower I asked her about it. She was a gardener, and yes, they have some fruit trees and a larger garden area across the street - they'd just picked a big batch of currants the other day.

They sell their own preserves and wildflower honey in the gift shop.

We ran into stormy weather on the way back, but as we neared home there was a rainbow to welcome us (which was too low to get with the camera).

We really could have stayed.


  1. Looks lovely, and what a special surprise for lunch!

    1. Oh yes, but lovely hardly describes it!

  2. I loved your words and pictures--what a beautiful day!