Thursday, July 25, 2013

a jam swap

When we were rolling in wild berries, I had so many in the fridge but not enough time to bake with them. So, one night around nine thirty I decided to make freezer jam, like last year. I altered the flavorings, but the berry to sugar to pectin ratios were the same. It took less than a half hour. 

Meanwhile, my co-worker Linda had made some raspberry freezer jam - did I want some? Yes, and would you like a jar of mine? And that's how I ended up with a nice dilemma for my morning toast. 

When in doubt,  have some of each.


  1. That sounds like Lucas...."Can I have both?" He asks that every time I give him a choice between 2 things! I have got to make more freezer jam, but now we are out of berries. Boohoo.:(

  2. Ah, yes: when in doubt, have some of each. That's a good way to solve dilemmas of this kind.

    Swapping is great. I got lard and a wonderful homemade bread and gave away cherries recently. It's good to have someone to swap with at hand.

  3. That's the kind of dilemma I don't mind having to face. : )