Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lovely Lime Frosting

For the holiday the other day I made the ginger cake recipe from May's Country Living - oh, how good it was! It called for a bourbon frosting - I don't tend to keep that around but wanted to make the frosting that goes with the cake. I decided to substitute lime juice.  Ahhhhhhhhh!!! It could only have been a divine inspiration.

Lovely Lime Frosting

Thoroughly mix together one and a half sticks of butter with two ounces of cream cheese. Add two tablespoons of lime juice (which happened to be the juice of one lime) and combine. Then put in a pound of confectioners' sugar and a dash or two of nutmeg. Try to refrain from eating it by the spoonful.

(The original recipe is from chef Edward Lee, who also writes for Organic Gardening.)

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  1. I've let my own Country Living subscription lapse, so the recipe is new to me. The lime and ginger combo sounds lovely, though. :)