Thursday, April 4, 2013

good enough for Henry

I got interested in an Amy Butler quilt from her book In Stitches, a throw made of heavier weight fabric of her own design, but which I intended to make with whatever I had at hand.

It consists of rectangles of different sizes, in fabrics lettered A to J (from fabric J, cut a piece 26" by 28", etc.), which are arranged in a certain pattern. So, without desiring to spend time planning or thinking about it too much, I began by reaching up to my fabric shelf, choosing something, and calling that "A". My only criteria afterward was that subsequent pieces not clash with the previous ones. And if I didn't care for the way it was coming out, I would just have to live with it! 

So that's what I did, more or less. 

It doesn't look too bad in this picture, but I'm not so keen on the dark patches; still, this is how you learn what appeals to you and what doesn't.  It ended up mostly pink and lime, so I decided green was best for the backing. I found some online at for a good price and bought enough to piece it to get the width I needed, but then decided - since it really wasn't a thing of beauty - that I didn't want to bother, so I ran the gingham up the center and cut off the long sides of the quilt to match.

Then it got machine quilted, horizontally in the mid-section and vertically at either end. 

Even though it's not really pretty, I enjoyed the process and learned a couple of things which don't work - so that's good.

We have another warm blanket in the house. And now it's folded up at the end of my mother's old bed, where Henry naps from time to time.

I'm sure he'll have no complaints about it.

(ssshh - he's on it already)


  1. I kinda like it Lisa, and it suits Henry to be sure.

  2. I LOVE the dark patches. Maybe I have quirky taste but I really think your quilt is just beautiful!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Learning process, and it used up stash and gets used - plus yes, I kind of like it as well. I'd call that a success!

  4. beautiful quilt, lisa! i think the dark patches look just right. it's a good balance.