Tuesday, March 26, 2013

just around the corner

This morning it came to me that some of the grass is beginning to look green - a real green-ish.

Later, while with my sewing machine, I realized that even with fresh air coming in the house I wasn't feeling cold.  When the sun suddenly shone in the window, I grabbed a jacket and my secateurs and headed out to prune - at least one rose! And so I did.

Early in the week you could have heard me moaning to myself that I'd pruned many a time in colder weather, but never with snow all around. But, it's gone now.

I think we've turned the corner.


  1. I'm so happy for you, it has been quite the Winter up there!

  2. You're very kind to sympathize. :)

  3. Our weather has been different here this season. We are having a cooler spring than the past couple of years, and I am liking it!

    1. Nellie - you like a cooler spring? Perhaps it feels more like spring than summer. I would like a little summer right now.