Saturday, February 9, 2013

rather buried

This morning while my brother was out snowblowing - (the big snowy thing by the way, is just the rhododendron) - I thought I could at least clean off the front steps.

Not much space in which to squeeze outside, so I pushed snow off the edge of the step with a broom until I could get out. It was piled high.

I was amazed at this snow hanging like a big fluffy comforter over the roof edge!

The snow ended around noontime, and the sun was shining brightly by mid-afternoon. The wind remained most of the day. See how deep! We got about thirty inches.

We have power. I'm grateful.


  1. I've been thinking about you. Beautiful snow.....lots!!!!!! Glad you have power.:)

  2. I have never seen that much snow all at once in my life! Of course, here in the "sunny South," a dusting of snow causes great excitement!:-)
    It is good that you have kept your power. Stay safe and warm!

  3. The rooftops all look like they've been frosted with heavy, thick buttercream frosting!

  4. It's beautiful, even if a lot of work. :)

    Our last huge snow here was 2010's blizzard. We had about three feet, and it was just magical. That much snow just transforms everything so beautifully.

    'Glad you kept your power.

    1. You're right, Val - it was very beautiful. Today however, we've had warmer temps and rain; now it's foggy. And the car exhausts have already made a lot of it turn black. And there's another storm brewing for next weekend!