Friday, February 8, 2013

green world

Birthday presents on hold for Cyndi, almost a month after the fact.  Well, life happens. 

I know I won't be seeing her today - we're going to have a blizzard later. Two or maybe even three feet of snow. Kinda scary.

Joining Fiona for Green Day.


  1. Oh no you must be in New England. We have a daughter and five grandchildren that live in Maine.

    We lived there for over a decade. I definitely know the feeling!

    Great shot of the present though! Stay warm and take care!

  2. Lindo presente.Espero que a nevasca seja moderada. Fiquem bem! beijos,chica

  3. I hope you are all set to stay inside and keep warm for the duration! Enjoy your beautiful snow.:) I always enjoy a blizzard best from a nice warm home with a hot cup of tea. I'll have one for you tonight!;)

  4. Thank you, Grace. So, there are actually folks who enjoy blizzards?? :)
    Right now I've just roasted some red peppers, and am roasting some turnips; playing jazz and doing a bit of sewing. The wind has picked up.

  5. Stay safe and warm Lisa.
    I have absolutley no knowledge of what a blizzard would be like first hand, it just doesn't happen here.But it sounds kinda scary and exciting too(because I haven't experienced one).

    Your gift picture is great.

    1. Thank you, Tracy. In a blizzard it snows hard and blows hard. When you're outside in the thick of it, it's as disorienting as thick fog can be. If you get lots of snow, it drifts up against the house, and trying to shovel or blow it often results in it blowing right back again. It's all quite exciting when you're a kid, but at my age, I'd rather not! :)

  6. Lindo o tom de verde, presentes são sempre deliciosos para se ganhar. UM abraço!

  7. Love the color of the wrapping - stay safe and warm and indoors in the blizzard.

  8. Não fique assustada. Tudo vai ficar bem.
    A cor da embalagem do presente é um tom lindo.

  9. Lovely image! And happy birthday to Cyndi! I hope you are safe and warm from the storm. Have a happy weekend!

  10. Lovely Green wrapping! Wonder what's inside:)

  11. I hope that you are safe and well Lisa.