Saturday, February 16, 2013

"better to be happy..."

"Too often someone says to me in despair, 'I cannot do this....I cannot do that....' I hear this even from some friend who can make a gorgeous hostess robe out of a couple of old bath towels. Or someone who can hardly fry an egg without turning it to solid rubber but can get out an extension ladder and climb to the roof and clean out clogged eaves. Or someone else who is paralyzed at the thought of making an announcement at a club meeting but always says the right thing to anyone in trouble.

We all have dreams of what we might have been. But it is better to be happy with whatever gifts we do possess - and to use them to the fullest."

                                             -  Gladys Taber,   Country Chronicle


  1. The quote you've shared is consistent with our homily this week - very timely!

  2. Oh, I love this! Gladys Taber's books are among my favorites--I've read them all, I think. Where did you get the branch of forsythia???

    1. Oh, we have a lot of it outside, and I decided to try and force some last Thursday, so it took a week and a half. I think I'll cut some more!