Sunday, January 27, 2013

quick thinking

A quick bowl of cereal this morning after Mass and we took off to see Aunt Helen, who's temporarily at a rehab facility after a spell in the hospital.  I was so hungry the whole time we were out and didn't think I had the energy to make Italian wedding soup from scratch, so my wheels began to turn while we were on the way home.

In the freezer were two of those healthy chicken sausages  - I thawed them, then sliced and  browned them in butter and olive oil for more flavor, as I'd often seen my mother do.

There was a container of nice strawberries in the fridge, so some got cut up and mixed with salad greens with a bit of balsamic dressing, with brown sugar added to the extras.

Then I made up a batch of pancakes and topped them with boysenberry syrup which my brother got from a customer.

  A country dinner!

I have to say I'm not one of those who likes to make French toast or pancakes for supper - I'm not keen on so many sweets at meals. But, in a hurry - this was pretty good!


  1. Looks great! We do love pancakes for supper, but mine are pretty hearty and whole grain so I make excuse that it's okay *smile*!

    1. Well, you know - if I had kids I would do the same. It's a fun thing to have for supper once in a while, and I'm sure yours are very good!

  2. Sounds good! Pancakes for supper are fine, but they're better for breakfast or lunch, I think. :-)
    Strawberry salad - that's something I would never have thought of, but it sounds good, too.

    1. I like fruit in a green salad once in a while, especially apple chunks, orange pieces or strawberries.