Friday, December 7, 2012

anatomy of a Vera Wang collar

In some online shopping I'd found myself at Kohl's looking at scarves and there to my wondering eyes should appear a furry collar, which I knew instantly should be for Cyndi, who loves the different and unusual. It was a Vera Wang, and a good sale - I ordered it.

When it came I wanted to look at it of course, and took it out of the bag. I was very surprised at what I found.

I thought it would be shaped. It was a long rectangle. You can see the inside - it's a soft thin fleece material, or maybe that stuff they call minky. (is that fleece?). There is grosgrain ribbon at each end.

Here you can see the furry material it's made of.  Well, that was it; I had to keep it. (sorry, Cyndi) But how easy it would be to make a collar like this.  I took the dimensions, if you're interested.

It's twenty five and a half inches in length, and five inches wide. The five eighths inch wide ribbons are fourteen inches long, with a little hem on the ends.

Here I am in it

Isn't it cute? (and very warm!) Hope Vera doesn't mind my sharing a bit of information, but anyone who sews even a little could easily make something similar for a gift. Both fabrics are very soft, and I think that's why it works, why it curves around so well.

Don't worry - I ordered again; Cyndi won't have to be without one.


  1. And would look fabulous over a woolen coat. You're giving me ideas of what to make for my friend...

  2. oh my WORD. I am only now seeing this! It's so chic! And you're right: it would be so easy to sew. I'm thinking through my stash as I type this. . .

    1. Oh, Margo - I did think of you when I posted this, because you have made collars before. I'm glad you like it!