Tuesday, November 27, 2012

when it snows

For those who don't live in a place where it snows,

I thought that maybe you might wonder about it.

When it snows - unless it's a real blowy snowstorm - everything outside seems hushed -

muffled by the falling white blanket, I suppose.

As it slowly piles up, and especially if there's nowhere you have to be, a peaceful feeling will start to come over you

and you may want to do something cozy, like curl up and read while watching snowflakes fall, or bake something sweet and filling like pumpkin pie.

If it's early in the season like now, you may get even out your Christmas music, if you haven't already.

The birds always come around to fill up at the feeders.

And you suddenly realize that it's pointless to resist the temptation to bring out at least one winter decoration.


  1. I like your snow pictures. There is something about a picture with a red barn in it that makes me relax. Ah....

  2. What lovely pics, it makes me cool just looking at them.We are expecting heat wave and storm conditions for the next week, about 90 for a few days.
    When it gets too bad to cope with I put on the cieling fan and watch a dvd of "The Day After Tomorrow" full of ice and snow,makes me forget how hot it is outside. :)

    1. I had no idea it would get that hot where you are. Poor Margaret! I tend to eat lots of sherbet in the high summer.

  3. oh Lisa, this is a lovely post. How nice to describe it for people who don't know! I take snow for granted! There's nothing like a snowy day at home. . . .

    1. Yes, though it's gone now. Still, it got me in the mood.