Sunday, November 18, 2012

"November means Thanksgiving"

"November means Thanksgiving...It is more solemn than it was when I was a child and the world had never heard of missiles and bombs. In those days, it was just a family gathering when everyone ate too much and was grateful that the family could be together again, and there was always the idea that Thanksgiving would go on forever. There have been times since when it seemed doubtful. 

It makes Thanksgiving, for me, more sober...Thanksgiving should be a time of prayer, of feeling humble, and of reaffirming our faith in God. When the grandchildren are propped up on the dictionary and encyclopaedia and reach for a turkey wing, I look at them, and pray quietly that they may live in a world at peace."

                                           -  Gladys Taber,   Stillmeadow Sampler


  1. I liked this way of thinking about Thanksgiving!!

    1. Well then, you don't have a confused mind at all! :D