Saturday, November 3, 2012

a real good cookie

the last one

This is a real good cookie.

  I always think of spices in my baking at this time of year, so going through my untried cookie recipes, this one caught my eye - Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies; it's from Martha Stewart Living. 

I didn't follow it exactly. I was hurriedly trying to use up butter before the storm came and wiped out our electricity (which didn't happen), so I just put in what I had. Regular cocoa, not Dutch process. Just hot water, not boiling, for Pete's sake (boil one and a half teaspoons of water?). And I used plain old Baker's semi-sweet baking chocolate. That was interesting.

I will usually put in chocolate morsels rather than cut up chunks of chocolate - laziness, I guess. But I didn't have any. It was a pain to cut it into quarter-inch pieces; in fact they didn't always cut the way I wanted them to, so some of the pieces were more like a half-inch. That was the interesting part.

The bigger chunks made it a little trickier to roll them into balls, but oh - how nice it was to bite into those soft chocolate bits!  So, if you're thinking of making these, I wouldn't be too particular in my chopping.

 You may notice that this one has sugar on it - I forgot to roll most of them in the sugar, until the last small batch.  And I must have made them smaller, because I got over two and a half dozen. And they don't call for eggs, for some reason. But none of this matters.

They're Good. Here's the recipe.  Enjoy!


  1. They look and sound delicious Lisa. In fact, I am going to go and bake a batch for the girl's lunchboxes. Nice plate too.

  2. I tweaked the recipe too to suit what I did or didn't hae. The verdict... delicious.

  3. Tracy, I'm glad to hear from you, and glad you tried the recipe! Yes, I will definitely keep this one.