Saturday, September 29, 2012

the end of the garden

 I've been so wanting to join in with Ginny's garden journal, but our "garden" was so tiny I really didn't have much to show. My brother was always the gardener, but he has his own business now and no time anymore. I tried to step into the breach this summer, so here's my report.

I bought a metal raised bed and spent time during the summer filling it up with straw and grass clippings. I intend to add topsoil and composted manure to it this fall, readying it for next year. My "garden" consisted of a few pots in which I tried growing:

  • mesclun lettuce mix - a real treat!
  • beets - I got lots of nice greens as I thinned them, but the beets never got big enough
  • cucumbers - I think a lack of proper nutrients put an end to them - the leaves dried up 
  • green beans - two plants of bush beans - how easy to grow, but I need more than two plants next time!
  • tomatoes - I bought three plants at Agway - one Big Girl, one Jet Star, and a cherry tomato. I got a few large ones, but it took a while and there are several very green ones yet - I don't know if they'll ripen on the vines
  • Italian sunflowers - what needs to be said about sunflowers? just fantastic
I tried zinnias too, but they never came up and I didn't get around to re-seeding.  

After the tomato plants grew a little I put some marigold seeds in each pot, so everything at least looked colorful.

These little things are nice and sweet, and I just pick and eat - not enough of them at a time to do anything else.

a nice little helper

I cut down the sunflowers the other day - the stems were all over the place - but I dropped the heads back onto the pot in case some birds want to pick at them.

We bought some of those non-perennial mums - they're bright and cheery at least.

I hope to do more next year.

Thanks to Ginny!


  1. i love those mums! so cheery and so fall feeling. :) is your cat on a leash? lol
    next year your garden is going to be rockin'!

  2. Yes, Dolly is an indoor cat, who also loves to go out, so we tie her up. She's used to it. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  3. I love all the cheery colors. We've set some of our sunflowers aside for the chickens and the rest are for the birds. I just started a new garden/farming link up and would love you to join on Tuesdays!

  4. this was such a rough summer, but--sounds like you've got a good start to next year's garden already!! you had great color and harvested a bunch more than I got!!!

  5. You're off to a good start! Spring is going to be lots of fun!!! For me, zucchini is the easiest thing to grow ~ we were overrun earlier in the season. No complaints here though!!!

  6. Mas o seu jardim continua lindo!
    Desejo que no próximo ano ele continue brilhar com as suas flores maravilhosas.
    Grata pela sua visita!