Sunday, May 20, 2012

a stack of towels

Debra is happy with her present, so now I want to show what I made her, because this is a great and useful way to use up excess cotton fabric.

Anna came up with this a few months ago - double-sided kitchen cloths the size of a dish towel, more or less.  Instead of dish towels!

I made myself some small ones for the bathroom, and use them every day. But I've got plenty of dish towels, so had no reason to make any of those. Until Debra's birthday loomed, and I thought she might like some of these. And she did!

I stuck with a blueish theme.

Right sides together, stitched with a space open to turn inside out and then topstitched all around. 

One thing I did do extra was put a row or two of  "quilting" in the middle on each of these. I wondered if the two layers might shift while drying dishes and thought this would keep things together better.

You can see I had some fun with this.

Seven in all.

I've heard of some who make their own single layer towels, but I like this double thickness idea. If you get your cotton on sale, it could be much cheaper than the real thing, which is often expensive.

They're pretty, Deb's happy, and I've used some of my fabric.  Now I'm starting work on a quilt.

round button chickenjoining Leila  this week


  1. They are beautiful.

    What lovely presents.

    You are gifted.


  2. Very pretty. It will be nice for your friend to have something pretty to use for a chore.
    Great way to use fabrics too. I like practical things.
    Have fun making the quilt.

  3. Great idea. It's always shocking how much the nice ones cost at the store.

  4. I've just had a lightbulb moment. Dishtowels, of course! We do have a bit of a shortage of nice dishtowels; I have not made the connection until now.
    I love your blue theme, and all those pretty prints. Especially the first one; that appeals to my minimalist side.

  5. Beautiful and inspiring! You did a great job and I'm sure your friend was thrilled with them.