Monday, May 14, 2012

bunch of blues

There were several shades of blue involved in a birthday gift I've been working on, and after shrinking the fabric today I ended up with such a pretty ball of threads -

(Now that I think of it, should I have thrown it into the compost bin? According to Katherine Whiteside in The Way We Garden Now, she says you can throw in anything biodegradable that doesn't have meat in it. In her list, wool is a possible ingredient. She says, "your entire old ragged gardening sweater will compost". Well, cotton is biodegradable! But what about the dyes? Still, wool gardening sweaters come in all colors. Hmm.)

Anyway, the finished product is all wrapped in a nice length of bias binding, waiting for my friend.


  1. Lovely wrapping and a lovely shade of blue too. I put quilting scraps in the compost and other cotton bits and pieces and they generally break down well. My little pieces of thread left from cross stitching or sewing I put in the garden somewhere obvious hoping that a bird might use it for a nest.

  2. Thanks, Tracy - I was hoping you could help!

  3. I love the wrapping and the shades of blue too. :)

  4. You can use an onion bag and fill it with bits and pieces of material and thread, wrap it up into a ball and hang it from a tree. Then the sweet little birds have pretty threads to feather their nest with! =]

  5. Lisa, I am far, far behind in keeping up with reading your blog!:( Also, behind in my own personal blogging! We've had a very busy routine around here recently.

    I love to catch up with what you've been posting for us. This blue is one of my favorite colors!

  6. Hi Lisa

    Just popped in to say hello.

    I hope that you are well.

    Have a great weekend, relax and enjoy.

    Fiona x