Thursday, January 4, 2018

eleventh day of Christmas

big snowstorm outside

cheery lights inside

"It's a comforting thought that beautiful moments never die. One can collect them, store them away, and they are always at hand to bring forth again and appreciate. There are many of them, and all one needs is an awareness to have them."

Gladys Taber


  1. The snow looks beautiful, but I know looks can be deceiving. Just been watching on the news about the wild 'bomb cyclone' weather you are experiencing over there. Keep safe! xx

    1. Lynda, the term "bomb" seems so dramatic, doesn't it? Basically, it was a New England snowstorm; we got 10 or 11 inches, which is nothing unusual. The cold, though, is hard to take and the wind has been strong.

      I guess the bomb refers to the rapidity of the storm's development, and this one's center was compared to that of a hurricane. Not a pleasant thought. But it's supposed to get a little warmer next week! :)

  2. The snow looks so beautiful Lisa. Enduring a heatwave here at the moment so any images of cold weather are very welcome.

  3. I hope you are keeping warm, Lisa! The snowy picture looks beautiful as do your shelves of pretty things and sparkly lights.

  4. Perfect. Your indoor picture radiates warmth.