Saturday, December 16, 2017

way beyond sugar

It snowed a little more again yesterday. I was watching a movie (Maudie - excellent story) and afterward I looked outside in the light of the street light.

I saw the snow sparkle more than I had ever seen it. I called my brother over to look - it was not the usual sugary looking snow with sparkles here and there - no. The surface of snow was twinkling as if mirrors had been smashed and the bits sprinkled over all. I went to the back and turned on the spotlight. It reminded me of children's movies, when the special effects people add that Tinkerbelle-y fairy dust over everything - it didn't seem entirely real. I suppose it was more icy than usual?

Today it was back-to-normal twinkling.  But what a sight to remember!

Oh beautiful at nightfall
The soft spitting snow
And beautiful of bare boughs
Rubbing to and fro

- Edna St. Vincent Millay


  1. That must have been wonderful to see!

  2. I've seen that before too, it's a real treat!

    1. I was hoping somebody would say that, Elizabeth!

  3. How special! Thank you for sharing it for posterity and for our vicarious enjoyment :-)