Friday, November 10, 2017

more light in the hallway

We painted the dark paneling in the living room years ago, but never got around to doing the far end of the hallway.  Yesterday I decided to just do it, and was so anxious to get it accomplished that I practically slapped it on. The paint in the can was several years old and very thick and I had to stir in lots of water. The wall shelf also got painted.

And just like in the living room, the light color alters everything now - it almost looks stark. I may need to arrange things a little differently.

Benjamin Moore, Indian White, same as in the kitchen. It needs a new switchplate, but I like it.


  1. I like plain white walls. They are a good backdrop for decorating. Your little corner looks lovely! xx

  2. I like bright and white. I agree with Lynda. Good backdrop for any sort of decorating that way. Is that wall shelf a built-in sorta thing?

    1. Beth, it doesn't have a back; it's just three shelves on the wall. Too much for me to remove and do it correctly, so I just worked around it all. :D