Thursday, November 9, 2017

birthday fun and other things

Tootsie went home with her people on Tuesday. I miss her a little; it's much easier to see her good points when she's separated from the other cats and isn't stressed out. I miss seeing her curled up in a laundry basket, resting on the shelf above the radio and listening, trying to get into the fridge for some greens, "talking" to me and really seeming like she's giving answers at the right times, the way she would sometimes stick out her front paws in a stiff way when you pick her up, or curl her "arms" around your shoulder like a child and not want to be put down for a while.

Okay, enough sentimentalism - things are back to normal here, and simpler. And she is happy at home.

My brother turns sixty tomorrow. Today I made him a cheesecake. But Nancy and Eileen had us over for lunch on Monday - it was to be a surprise birthday lunch, and my brother was indeed surprised!  I'd made a cake the previous week, which Eileen picked up and kept in their freezer. Made the frosting on Monday morning, stuffed it in a cute bag with some candles and decorations and gussied up the cake after our meal while he was chatting away.

 It was a lovely lunch and visit, very Novembery and overcast. If there were no holidays to look forward to at this time, this month would probably drag me down, but as it is, when it gets cold and even gloomy, it just seems more cozy to me and I look forward gladly to what's coming. Their home is so charming (two artists!) and Nancy set a pretty autumn table. They have a squirrel creamer -

A good memory.

We were there till late afternoon, and even though it was sprinkling, When we got home I managed to get the last window washed before the cold set in, because it is much colder - tomorrow will be in the twenties! Everyone is saying how fast Thanksgiving is approaching, and I think it must be due to the deceptively warm October we had; it was like an extended summer. Now, it's like winter is upon us!


  1. Happy birthday to your brother!!

    And I was washing windows yesterday too!! xx

  2. oh that is so very nice!!! Happy birthday to your brother! God bless him and grant him many years!

  3. Hmm - save me a piece of that cheesecake, Lisa. It's turning cold suddenly here too - morning frosts, lovely!

  4. Happy Birthday to your brother! Looks like Nancy and Eileen had such a nice dinner too.
    I'm washing windows today.:-)
    Enjoy your weekend!♥

  5. Belated happy birthday to your brother! How lovely to have a surprise birthday lunch!

  6. Over my years of blogging I have often said that reading blogs in which cakes are featured has made me feel that my life is lacking an essential human element: cake! I get that feeling looking at this evocative post. So far I have just developed this feeling of inadequacy or failure, and have probably not baked one more cake than was my habit before. :-(

    1. So, it would appear that you are resisting the temptation...

  7. I guess you could look at it that way!

  8. Ah, how lovely! I'm glad he was surprised and that you all had a nice time celebrating. Hooray!