Thursday, July 27, 2017

desperate measures

Well, it's been two months and I haven't seen a hummingbird.  And this plant shouldn't really be in a hanger, because it doesn't hang down. Did you ever notice that lots of hanging plants you can buy aren't the type that trail down and make a nice showing?  So, right after I got this one, I saw some coreopsis at the supermarket, of all places. They were six dollars off and I bought two; I admire the airy leaves and daisy-like flowers of coreopsis and they are more suitable for hanging up. So now the lantana is on a small table nearby and there's lots of yellow at the front door this summer.  

Right after hanging them the delicate blossoms got roughed up in a rainstorm. As it struggled to come back, I wondered if it was suitable for a planter. Finally, I had to resort to something I absolutely deplore: Miracle-Gro. My brother relies on it, and of course his hanging plants are lush and full. Of course! The jumped-up stuff. Anyway, it was around and I used it. And they are looking much improved. Of course!


  1. The hanging basket looks lovely!

    Miracle-Gro... I wonder if it would work on me...I could do with some improvement :)) xx

  2. I like coreopsis too - such a pretty plant! Your basket looks very nice.
    At last I am able to comment on your blog, Lisa! We have been away in Switzerland for a fortnight. At first I managed to make a couple of comments but only after having to prove I wasn't a robot. But the last week I failed completely and all my comments were refused!