Thursday, June 29, 2017

don't do what I didn't do

I didn't check to see if it was unplugged.

Today I started a batch of fermented cranberry soda. I don't care for sugary soda (well, some Italian stuff now and then in summer) but this soda isn't supposed to be sweet. I had to find a way to use up two bags of cranberries which couldn't fit in the freezer and I wasn't interested in baking them into anything. I am terribly excited about this! I hope the jars don't explode.

Lately the refrigerator in the basement hadn't seemed as cold as the upstairs one; I've turned it up colder but suspected it was going. It is old so I didn't think much of it. Tuesday evening I went down there to get the leftover chili for supper and everything was getting warm inside. I then spent quite a while bringing it all up to the kitchen fridge and packing it all in there like a puzzle.

My brother thought we should call the repairman, who's quite a handy fellow - rather old school, who has seen too many appliances in the dump when they could have been fixed. Well, it didn't take him long to discover the problem. The plug had gotten loose.

I think this is on a par with my cake disaster story. Pitiful, but still much cheaper than the price of a new one!  As Mr. Bennet said, "It has been my own doing, and I ought to feel it."  Ahem.

But I do look forward to my fermented soda!  A silver lining, let's hope.


  1. Oh Lisa! What a time you've had! I am sure the repairman has had to tell other people their fridge wasn't plugged in properly before but I can imagine you were a bit embarrassed. I read your cake disaster post too! It is funny but I'm sure at the time you felt awful! I have days like this that just get worse and worse until I feel like crying. The best thing to do is what you've done - tell people and laugh about it :D

    1. Exactly, Clare! Better to admit the foolishness, and let people think what they will. 8)

  2. I never would have thought to check the plug, but I will now! :-)
    Glad it was nothing serious and expensive.

  3. Anne, I feel like we got a new refrigerator! It works great after all. :D

  4. Hmmm.... I like that quote from Mr. Bennet. I have felt the feelings of many such consequences, but still think it best to not stop too long to feel things like that. Hope to hear more about your soda!

  5. Well, Gretchen, you know what he said right after that: "I'm not afraid of being overpowered by the sensation - it'll pass away soon enough." Or something very like. ;)