Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine scone

Friends had given us a Cinnamon Quickbread mix for Christmas, with a cute baking pan attached. I was surprised to find a list of ingredients which didn't sound bad at all, so today I made it. The recipe called for milk, but I used sour cream because I had it, and added an extra pinch of baking soda. The little pan wasn't usable because that gluey stuff which attached it to the box would not come off, but we have an old heart-shaped pan and it was the same size. The batter ended up very thick and so I tossed a few chocolate chips on top, and knew they wouldn't sink to the bottom.

It came out like a big scone. Very yummy. And that was the Last of the Christmas Goodies.


  1. That does look yummy! What a pity about the pan.

  2. Num num... I hadn't thought about making a Valentine goodie, but scones sounds like a nice idea!