Tuesday, February 28, 2017

morning prayer

Rise, O glorious orb of day,
Draw the curtains from the sky;
Let your light in glad array,
All creation beautify;
Bid the fears of darkness born,
Melt before the light of morn.

Light transcendent! fill the skies,
Glorious Orb of heav'nly light!
Take the darkness from our eyes,
Fill our souls with visions bright.
Jesus, Light of lights, appear,
Rise upon our souls with cheer.

From your throne of splendor bright,
Shed your glory far abroad,
Let the wanderers in their plight
See the path that leads to God,
And upon their pathway shine,
Heav'nly Orb of light divine.

There no sun illumes the day,
Where the wanderers find their rest;
Moon nor stars their light display
In the kingdom of the blest;
For the Christ himself is Sun,
And the day is never done.

- from Magnificat, February 2017


  1. Oh, that is wonderful! I think I will write it on a card to look at before I get out of bed... to help me get out of bed!