Monday, October 3, 2016



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    1. You always have something nice to say, Clare. Yes, Henry's fairly mild-mannered; except when you try to pet him, and he bites you. :D

    2. We had an enormous Manx cat when I was a girl who was a bit like that. He had been abandoned so we took him in and I think he would have preferred to have been the only pet - but he wasn't. He looked so gentle but we had to be very careful with him. He once hit my mother on the head as she walked upstairs and nearly knocked her out! He was sitting on the landing and put his paw through the banisters to hit her. He eventually left home and went to live with one of our neighbours!

    3. Wow - that's pretty bad! Henry would never do anything like that. If you let him be, he's quite tame and quiet. But if you pet him, especially without letting him sniff your hand first, he'll turn around and bite. It seems almost like an automatic thing, like a reaction rather than premeditated. We don't know his history.