Monday, August 8, 2016

a gerbera daisy

I know nothing about gerbera daisies, except they're full of charm. So I brought one home from the supermarket the other day, and put it in the front window. It wilted sadly in a short time.

Since they're not hardy in our zone, I'll just keep it in the house.


  1. I bought one for Mrs B about 3 years ago; it was beautiful, but hasn't flowered since. Personally, I think it should be sacrificed to the compost!

  2. I bought one from my local nursery, which had them growing outside profusely along their house, brought it home, planted it, and it died immediately. Inside sounds like a good idea. Good luck! :-)

    1. Now I'm wondering about these plants......

  3. Gerberas are so pretty and I've had variable fortune with any that I've had, some behaving like yours did and then dying and some that lasted for a few months. I believe I discarded them after a year when they didn't re-flower. I haven't had one for some years now.

  4. Now I'm beginning to wonder why the popularity....