Friday, July 15, 2016

chicken at high temperatures

I brought out an old issue of Everyday Food magazine, and decided to try a recipe of Emeril's for chicken wings, baked at 500 degrees.

I don't cook my chicken at such a high temperature, but I was curious. I would learn something either way: if it came out well, I would learn something about cooking at a higher temp and also have a faster method for occasions when I'd need one; if it failed, I'd have a better reason for avoiding the higher temps.

Twenty minutes on one side and ten on the other did not cook these things to my satisfaction, or even sufficiently brown them. I turned it down to 400 for a while, and then to 350 to finish. I'm not sure what I learned from this - maybe that I can start them out high to speed things up. That's something, I suppose.


  1. I would worry about under-cooking the middle of the chicken even if the outside was brown enough. I know chicken pieces can be cooked quickly in a hot wok but in the oven...?

    1. Yes - and I cannot abide slimy chicken, which many people seem to think is okay.