Thursday, April 21, 2016

to Boston

Cheryl and I went to Boston yesterday - to meet Val!  Such fun!

We arrived first, and waited in this park for Val.

Cheryl, in her sweater she got in Ireland

Cheryl got a text from her, and there she was, practically across the street! It was noon, so we lunched right away, in the North End.

Very nice, but dessert had to be somewhere else, at a gelato and cannoli place down the street.

Paul Revere's house took very little time to go through. So strange, that it would be surrounded so closely by so many modern (relatively) buildings. 

Love the windows.

Val, in front of a gift shop

We went into several gift shops, which were all pretty much the same, but there was one which was inside the Union Oyster House restaurant. As we poked around I realized they were playing jazz - it sounded like Paul Desmond's saxophone. I said, "Dolly would love this place!". Val laughed. She knows me.

It was a cool day - the coolest day in an otherwise June-like week. We saw the harbor nearby, so we wandered over there. It was quite brisk near the water!

Very bracing. We walked around a lot, admiring the architecture. There's lots of it to admire in Boston, and not only the old buildings. Many of the modern ones were very pleasing. 

The Old State House, site of the Boston Massacre

famous patriot Sam Adams,  cousin to John, our second president

Cheryl and I wondered to ourselves at the small bag Val carried - she hadn't checked in to her hotel yet -  she was carrying her stuff around with her, but we marveled that she could make do with so little, even on a short trip.

Well, we got to see a little of what she was carrying; before we parted, she produced for each of us, a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies and some candy, sweetly wrapped and decorated! 

 Gosh, Val! That little heart has an L on the other side - she made that, too! Did you have any room for your own stuff in there?

It was a lovely day. 


  1. Oh, that sounds like a lovely day and a wonderful meet-up! I always think that Boston is prettiest in the springtime. There is so much to see and do in the City. I only live seventeen miles away, and I try to visit the Museum of Fine Arts several times a year. The North End and Qunicy Market are great places to walk around.

    1. We all enjoyed it, and Cheryl and I were very glad to meet Val!

  2. What a great day you had! I love your photos too - nice to see some Boston landmarks. My aunt and uncle lived in Boston for four years in the late 60's/early 70's because of my uncle's work.

    1. I love the history - the Revolutionary War era. (nothing against *you*, of course) :D

  3. :D I quite understand! It was the first in a long series of 'being put in our place'!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day Lisa. How sweet of Val.
    I enjoyed looking around Boston.

  5. How awesome! Its so great to explore and exploring with friends all the better! Good for you three. I've been to Boston once, but long ago and for just a minute practically. I'd like to visit again some time with more liberty to take in this historic sights.

  6. What a wonderful trip you had.