Thursday, March 24, 2016

the night in the Garden

"This night is not the first night that Jesus went with the Apostles to pray. He invited them to come away with him on another occasion, and when they got to the place, they saw a hungry crowd waiting and begging for food. Jesus did not look upon those people as an annoyance, but as the very face of his Father...

This is why the devil hates reality. This is why the devil deals in 'ifs'... On this night, he is counting on Jesus fearfully imagining all the suffering that lay before him. However, Jesus vanquishes the devil when he says to the Father, 'not my will but yours be done'. Original sin came because our first parents trusted their imagination of God over the reality of the gift of the beautiful garden around them... Reality belongs to the Father."

                                God our Father, let us not be gripped in the fear of our own imaginations, let us not be attached to our own ideas of how things are supposed to be. Let us face the reality of our lives with the certainty that all reality and all of our lives belong to you.

                                                           -  from Magnificat,  Holy Week 2016


  1. Another great quote and a lovely prayer.

  2. Beautiful! Blessings to you on this holy day.

  3. Beautiful quote! Blessings to you on this holy day.