Saturday, March 19, 2016

no salvation in politics

"There are momentous issues facing the nation. Some of them could inflict irreparable damage. But the revolution of 2016 is a manifestation of an unhealthy trend that finds Americans treating politics as if it were the wellspring of happiness and the source of redemption. This is a tragedy. Because, though politicians aren't always dishonest and superficial, they will always disappoint you. We're going to have to find salvation elsewhere."

                                          -  from an article by David Harsanyi in National Review


  1. A very insightful quote, Lisa! It goes well with something I read in the Magnificat this morning:
    "The only identification which deepens a man's awareness of his personal responsibility as a human being is identification with Christ. The only solidarity with others which enables an individual to be wholly himself, and yet really one with all other men, is the Mystical Body of Christ." ~Caryll Houselander

    And also these words from Psalm 20:
    Some trust in chariots and horses,
    but we in the name of the Lord.
    They will collapse and fall,
    but we shall hold and stand firm.

  2. Yes! And the two things she says are directly related to Jesus' two commandments: to love God first, and love your neighbor second.