Saturday, February 13, 2016

quiet days

In summer I put kitchen scraps in the composter, but in winter I was lamenting that they are wasted, until I realized I could make vegetable stock with them, and I believe I got that idea on Leila's blog.

The ziploc bag gets filled up quickly; today it came out of the freezer and I made stock. 

To say it smells good is only part of the truth - it's real aromatherapy, I believe. 

I've been working on turning a small but well made (Talbot's! from ebay!) overall-style jumper into an apron.

I'll be glad to have one that's a solid color, as some of my clothing is print.

Henry patiently waited for me in one of the bedrooms while I vacuumed in the hallway.

He's smarter than we give him credit for.

I think I've mentioned before that sometimes, on a picturesque route, I'll just snap photos in the passenger side in the car and see what I get. Here's a small, cute house in the center of town.

Joining Suki and Leila today.


  1. that picture is so pretty!!! the last one... good idea, the stock... that would smell good! you live in such beauty!

    1. That's very kind of you to say, Elizabeth - your home is very pretty. If you came here, you'd see it differently! ;-) I photograph what I want to. :)

  2. Henry is very well mannered! Cats have it all in that department.
    I like jumpers too, and they are very hard to find these days.
    Cute house ~ I love red with a snow background.
    Enjoy your day! We are iced in here.

    1. Oh, you must be very snug, if you're iced in! I can almost smell the aromas drifting around your kitchen.

      I don't know as Henry has it *all* in the manners department! When he wants to sleep on my bed and he settles himself, I can't budge him; imagine a twin day bed, alongside the baseboard heater. It's cold here (sub-zero last night) and he beside me. Just for ha-ha's (mine, not Henry's!), last night I pushed him mightily with my knees, to see if he'd budge at all. That big lug did not! I was laughing. He. is. determined. But I would never do that to Dolly, the delicate little princess. :O

  3. I was so pleased when I learned about making vegetable stock! What a fantastic use of vegetable peels and odds and ends!

    There is an invisible line in the livingroom that if crossed with a vacuum sends Ginger running for cover. Until it crosses that line she just watches is warily. Funny kitties--and clever, too!

    Happy sewing!

  4. When I had cats they hated the vacuum. They just ran as soon as they saw me carry it into the room! Neither of my daughters liked it either when they were small. I had to take them to a room as far as possible from the noise and then keep moving them around as I vacuumed each room. The job took forever! I never thought to make vegetable stock from scraps - such a good idea to keep them fresh in the freezer!

    1. Yes, and it takes very little time to fill up the bag. The stock is very tasty, too.