Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hanukkah buns

A Jewish co-worker, for the past two years, has treated us to a Hanukkah lunch at work. She schleps in a big soup pot and skillet; she makes matzoh ball soup and latkes from boxes; she works hard, considering she's not a cook and freely admits it. So we have a nice, warm lunch and applesauce!

Well, this year it dawned on some of us that she might like us to chip in with something, so Cheryl is going to make kugel and I was thinking of rugelach. The problem was that the traditional fillings aren't chocolate, and that's what she was craving. So, I googled rugelach with chocolate filling. But, this is what caught my eye - we all agreed I should try them.

I was quite nervous about it - as much as I like to play with yeast bread recipes, I wasn't going to mess with this one. The rising times were longer than hers, and I think hers look nicer than mine. I think if I ever make them again, I'll give them a shorter second rise - mine look too puffy compared to hers. They are in the freezer, and our party is next Tuesday.


  1. They look beautiful. Slow rising develops more flavour (character). Looks like yours are full of character. :)

    Patience is a virtue.


  2. I think your buns look just as lovely as the Smitten's. What a wonderful luncheon party you will have! I love all of the sharing that happens this time of year.

  3. I'm craving here now. And I don't have a muffin tin, alas! only six small baking dishes. What shall I do?
    Yet another kringel, I think, this time maybe with chocolate, and maybe I'll finally remember to share the recipe I arrived at.

    1. Yes, definitely with chocolate, whatever you do - with chocolate. :)

    2. Thanks, ladies - it is always nice to celebrate something with others.

  4. ooooh, I must make these. thanks for the idea!